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Meaby you can help me, I am only try. zensko21 12/03/03
    My name is Jelena. I need informations abaut web sites if you know becouse my boyfriend try to finda job but it is hard here from Serbia and Montenigro ( ex Yugoslavia) We can find good contacts. He has finasial problem maintance his mother and sister Here is his SV.
    If anybody knows some webs from ships companies from hole world please send me
    Adresses telephone numbers e-mails and web adresses
    Thanking in advance

    Daniel Zrncic

    Objective Position as Third Officer on Deck

    As Training Cadet 15th months of Sea experience on motor vessel "Sea Trader" / Bahamas flag / C6PS5, under management of
    WW Overseas Shipmanagement LTD Cyprus.
    Office phone: 00 357 25 823 464
    fax: 00 357 25 754 918

    2002, High National Diploma in Maritime Study - Kotor, Montenegro

    1. Basic Training

    2. Medical First Aid Certificate

    3. Familiarization Training

    4. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Operations

    5. Medical Care Certificate

    6. Officer in Charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 Gross tonnage or more
    7. Radar and ARPA
    8. GMDSS General Radio Operatorís Certificate

    Languages Fluent English speaking and writing, Italian average speaking

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1. my nephew is a member of the US Merchant Marines. I am sure...
12/03/03 kkemperExcellent or Above Average Answer
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