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Resume Choux 02/02/03
    HI CeeBee,

    After I moving in 4 weeks, I am going to settle in for a week or two, and then, assemble a short resume for part time work. I will be 60; no career ambitions! lol

    Is there a special way to make oneself look good on a resume for part-atime employment? Any attachments help, like a University diploma?

    Would you consider writing my resume?

    Thanks, Chou

      Clarification/Follow-up by Choux on 02/02/03 7:00 pm:
      Phew, thanks! Initially, 3 days a week in the afternoons, sitting, doing computer stuff, phone stuff....

      Will get info together and e-mail it.

      Thanks, Chou

Summary of Answers Received Answered On Answered By Average Rating
1. I#&39d be honored to help you with your resume and with job ...
02/02/03 CeeBeeExcellent or Above Average Answer
2. This question keeps popping up. Consider this an answer lol....
02/17/03 CeeBeeExcellent or Above Average Answer
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