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My informative speech on demonstation. I'm asking for feedbacks or inputs present it more effect gem74 11/19/05
    Informative Speech on How to Bake Brownies

    Purpose: To inform.

    Purpose: To demonstrate how to bake
    brownies through a thorough step-by-step

    Thesis: Brownies are the favorite treats because
    they are easy to make.


    I. History of the Brownie.

    A. The concept of the brownie.
    B. Where the brownie was first seen.
    C. It originated in America

    II. I will demonstrate the systematic
    process of making brownies.

    A. Recipe
    B. Materials


    I. The history of the brownie.

    A. There were many myths to where the
    concept of the recipe came from.
    1. A home economics teacher named,
    Mildred Schrumpf. She was
    demonstrating and forgot to put
    the baking powder in the cake mix.
    a. She called them "brownies".

    2. A chef from in Boston was mixing
    two things at once-melting
    chocolate and mixing butter
    cookies- a fire ignited in his
    kitchen accidentally throws the
    mixture in the biscuit batter
    a. He called them "Boston
    Brown Bars."

    B. The brownie was first published.

    1. Published in the 1897 Sears,
    Roebuck Catalogue

    C. The brownie originated in America.

    1. The brownie derives its name
    from its color.
    2. The brownie is classified as a
    cookie bar.

    II. The systematic process of baking the

    A. The ingredients to the recipe.

    1. 2 eggs for fudge-like, 3 for
    2. water
    3. vegetable oil.
    4. brownie mixture

    B. The materials to bake the recipe

    1. You will need a glass pan.

    a. 13" x 9" for 26 minutes
    b. 8" x 8" for 53 minutes
    c. 9" x 9" for 35 minutes

    2. You will need measuring spoon.

    a. Measure 3 tablespoons of water

    3. You will need measuring cup.

    a. Measure 1/2 cup of vegetable

    4. You will need cooking spray.

    5. You will need a medium mixing

    6. You will need toothpick to test.

    7. You will need a timer.

    C. Preheat the oven to 350 F (depending
    on the pan, 325 F for the 8 x 8)

    D. Spray the bottom of pan with the
    cooking spray, set aside

    E. Mix eggs, water, oil and mixture in
    a medium bowl until well blended

    F. Spread in pan.

    G. Bake and set timer according to the
    size of pan used

    H. Insert toothpick at 2 inches depth
    all over for sufficiency. If it
    comes out almost clean, cool. If
    not, place it back in the oven and
    set timer again for a few minutes or


    To make brownies does not have to be on holidays; make them from Monday to Sunday. Put them in your kid's lunch pack or they can be a snack. To make brownies is not time consuming; it is simple and fulfilling.

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1. Beautiful! How did it turn out? It was very well done! Wh...
12/16/05 katiyExcellent or Above Average Answer
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