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Is my husband rude? sonial8 02/15/09
    Is my husband rude? What would you do?

    We were invited to a Valentine's Party. My husband and I have been married for many years. The small party of 15 were mainly couples with one divorcee who we have met a few times about once every 6 months.

    During the party, my husband was approached by the divorcee to engage in a conversation. They basically sat together for most of the party. At first It did not bother me, but then I began feeling awkward as I heard the two of them going on and on about his background. She asked him many questions about his background and occassionally I would hear wows from her. After about an hour he must have noted that I was sitting further back on the couch with another couple. He acted a bit panicked and tried to come rushing to my side to just begin a small topic. I was a bit angry and averted him and basically kept dodging him. I did not want to embarrass either of us so at one point I stood by him and engaged in conversations with the divorcee as well as some other members of the party. I believe the divorcee also felt a bit awkward as I noted her trying to re-engage me. Impressions were already made and it seemed a bit late for turning things around with me. Am I imagining things or was his/their behaviour just rude and inconsiderate?

    At one point I did try to join their conversation by standing behind them. Neither acknowledged me. Perhaps he was too busy yaking about himself to notice and she was too busy listening to notice.

    After the party and on our drive home he mentioned a little about their dialogue - he brought it up and made sure that our daughter slept with the toy she gave my three year old. Beats me but I felt quite ditched, awkward and wronged. Or am I just being insecure?

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1. Don't play into that little tart's hands by giving you...
02/16/09 labmanExcellent or Above Average Answer
2. Yes you are being a little insecure. So your husband found s...
02/18/09 MathatmacoatExcellent or Above Average Answer
3. First,I want to commend you for holding in your emotions and...
02/20/09 bal317Excellent or Above Average Answer
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