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I have a date. Is it a good idea to offer 1/2 of money after the dinner? dolcezzamaria07 09/18/07

    I want to show that I am independent and that I am not after a man with money. Altough I would feel like a lady if he paid for me. I do not want to offend him its just now a days things are so expensive and cost of living has risen up. Should I offer to pay 1/2 the bill? I mean most likely he'll deny and if he does should I insist or should I just put my wallet away? What are the etiquittes for a lady? Also should I order alchol such as saki? If he dosen't drink should I drink?

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1. If he asked you out, he will pay for everything. If the two ...
09/20/07 CeeBee2Excellent or Above Average Answer
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