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Honesty, Directness and Manners Choux 02/25/03
    How do you see the relationship among the above three words? In other words, do you feel that these words are not mutually exclusive...are mutually exclusive?

    I think perhaps people don't like to be spoken to in a direct manner. Do you think this is true? Do people prefer to be "handled" or have interactions sugarcoated?

    I'm interested in your thoughts.

    Cordially, Chou

Summary of Answers Received Answered On Answered By Average Rating
1. Hello: Honesty, Directness and Manners equals--Respect, fri...
02/25/03 bal317Excellent or Above Average Answer
2. They are not mutually exclusive. However, one must realize t...
02/26/03 Noe_SpaemmeExcellent or Above Average Answer
3. Taking it as a given that people are all different and I can...
05/07/03 ethical_reasonExcellent or Above Average Answer
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