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Door etiquette Driver 04/13/07
    My wife and I currently have our mothers visiting. So when we go out, it is my wife, my mother and my mother in law. I am accustomed to opening my wife's car door, but don't know the proper etiquette for going out with a group such as this. It seems pretty time consuming and impractical to open the door for each of them. I obviously do this with doors to restaurants and the like, but that involves just holding one door open. If that is the social norm, then in what order should I open them? Oldest to youngest?

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1. Ask your wife to take the lead and say, "I'll get my d...
04/13/07 MarySusanExcellent or Above Average Answer
2. Well,Driver, Just consider the flow of happenings! Im sure...
04/15/07 OldstillwildNo rating received!
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