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Is it too risky to date someone you met in a car accident? arethusa90 12/12/06
    This question should really under the category of legal manners but here it goes. I was rear ended last week by someone I really "hit it off" with. I have all his information but I'm afraid to contact him because I want to be fully reimbursed for my car and I may need treatment for whiplash. I know that this person could possibly take advantage of my attempts to make contact with him. I'm afraid that a phone call or a note might make the insurance company think I cause the car accident so I could meet this person.Would it be wise to wait until everything is taken care of with the car insurance companies before I ask this person on a date?

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1. Keep your passions in check for the time being. You could ce...
01/12/07 Jim.McGinnessNo rating received!
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