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Mother doesn't like Gift, and told me so!!! irishweeones 12/23/03
    Hi, I am a 32 year old female, my mother is 62. I recently went out and bought her a very expensive christmas gift which I thought that she could use.(she never buys anything nice for herself). I gave her the gift, and asked her if she liked it, and she told me that it was okay but that she had plenty of them!(boots for the winter). She does have boots but very cheap ones that really don't keep her warm. I asked her if she wanted something else, and she said that would be okay, lol. She then said later, that the gift is fine if that is what I wanted to give her but after the initial statement. Am I wrong to have hurt feelings? Am I being too sensitive? I really feel that it was very rude, to basically say I hate your gift. What should I do? exchange them? Please let me know what you think.

    Kind Regards,


Summary of Answers Received Answered On Answered By Average Rating
1. She didn't (unless you left something out) say that she h...
12/23/03 ethical_reasonNo rating received!
2. I feel your pain and the insult after your effort and caring...
12/23/03 CeeBeeNo rating received!
3. Hello: No, you are not being too sensitive, you have feelin...
12/23/03 bal317No rating received!
4. Don't do anything. You bought her a gift you honestly th...
12/24/03 Noe_SpaemmeExcellent or Above Average Answer
5. The Japanese traditionally have a very wise, in my opinion, ...
05/19/04 RDWilson2No rating received!
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