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The titles of the British peerage denberg 08/31/03
    Can someone explain why the poet Tennyson is always referred to as Alfred, Lord Tennyson and not Lord Alfred Tennyson?

      Clarification/Follow-up by denberg on 09/06/03 5:50 pm:
      So would it be right of me to say that you are saying that a century ago the usage would have been "Alfred, Lord Tennyson" but today it could be either that or "Lord Alfred Tennyson." Is that what you are saying?

      Many thanks for attempting to answer a really awkward one!

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1. The formal address for any Lord of the realm in England is t...
09/06/03 GERRARDAbove Average Answer
2. We live in modern times. There are many people in the Britis...
09/16/03 GERRARDExcellent or Above Average Answer
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