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Bad neighbour? tdub1 07/20/03
    I live in an apartment-condo; my neighbour is selling his suite and has told me to ask my boyfriend (who lives with me) to move his ྒྷ Corolla around the corner and out of sight because it's an "eyesore" and "looks like it belongs on a reservation." He doesn't want people to see the car when they come to look at their suite. We live in an urban area of the city, there is a wide variety of income levels throughout the neighbourhood. I took extreme offense to this request, and we refuse to move the car. Would he ask the homeless people who root through the garbage to avoid the area while potential buyers are here?? Am I wrong in feeling totally affronted by this statement and request?

    Thank you!

      Clarification/Follow-up by tdub1 on 07/20/03 9:48 pm:
      Thanks for your comments. No, his car is in good driving condition, just rusty on one side. My comment about the homeless people was to illustrate the fact that this isn't a ritzy area of town, and if the rest of us can accept the reality of where we live, than so should he. (I leave my bottles in a bag outside in an attempt to save a person from having to go through the garbage for what they're looking for, my comment was by no means meant to be derogatory.)

      Thank you again for taking the time to respond, I do appreciate your input.

      Clarification/Follow-up by RDWilson2 on 07/20/03 10:04 pm:
      I have been thinking about the question since I posted and I am wrestling with my closing queries.

      On the one hand, while I can see your irritation, I kind of wonder if I might not move the car just to help speed up the guy's exit from the neighborhood. (In other words, I might be so fed up with the guy as a neighbor that I'd do ANYTHING that might help him move out! ;-)

      On the other hand, I can see your point about accepting the reality of the situation and not wanting someone _else_ to move in with out any knowledge of the reality of the situation.

      However, If someone else moves in and figures that their junker doesn't look nearly as bad sitting next to your boyfriend's car as it does sitting by itself or next to a car that _isn't_ rusted on one side, you might wind up in a situation where the neighborhood slips further down the downward spiral.

      Just some thoughts.

      Hmmmm, maybe, if y'all move the car, it might inspire your boyfriend to get the rusted side fixed up and everyone could be a little happier. ;-)

      Clarification/Follow-up by tdub1 on 07/20/03 10:12 pm:
      Yes, at this point I wouldn't mind speeding up his exit, you're absolutely right! My feeling is that if his suite isn't sold right away, it's not because of a car parked out front (along with many others) but perhaps because of the olfactory remnants of his cat and dog...

      His selling price isn't pocket change, this is a nice building. So I'm hoping the new owners will have a more open mind...some people would be proud just to own a car, period!

      Ah well, the travails of condo living. Thanks again RDWilson2!

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