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Party Inquiry Translucent 06/20/03
    This question might sound a little self explanatory, but it's one that I ask myself everytime I go to a small get together. I'm 22 and am going to a weekend party that I was invited to by a good friend.

    I know a few of the people going to this party and there should be about 15-20 people there. My habit of good faith has always been to bring 12 pack of descent beer to a college party or a bottle of premium liquor.

    From what I've heard so far, most of these people going aren't going to bring any drinks(and not because they don't drink). The hostess of the party told me she's not all that sure if she has the money to buy drinks.

    My problem, I'm going to this party with the hopes of having a good time and to do some drinking. Should I bring alcohol if no one else is? My friends that are going are bringing drinks, it would be rather rude for the other guests to drink all of what they and I have right?

    What to do? I just don't want to show up with drinks and have everyone come up and say "can I get a beer"


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1. Hello: If you don't bring what you want, then your not g...
06/20/03 bal317Excellent or Above Average Answer
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