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knowing Anonymous 07/12/03
    Strong people survive the things that hurt them. It is how you deal with the hurt that makes you a strong person. It takes courage to deal with it, rather than tucking it away in a corner to fester and make you feel weak and worthless. Courage is being scared, but recognizing that and doing it anyway.

    I have the courage to do what I have to do to survive. Doing that, I know I will be a stronger person.

    I tried to cope by believing in right and wrong. Held captive by my thoughts, I know what could have been.
    The ever present ache of despair, the agony I feel. The sadness overwhelms me. My need for truth will not be met, yet I must live with it.

    Am I condemned to never know peace?

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1. Dear Anonymous, Don't lose hope. Time changes all thing...
07/12/03 HarmonyhillExcellent or Above Average Answer
2. Hello: Peace comes from within. We gain peace by understand...
07/14/03 bal317Excellent or Above Average Answer
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