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Be careful what you say paraclete 12/19/05
    What if all people were as passionate about their faith?

    Man on trial for murder after heated debate
    By Kate Uebergang

    December 20, 2005

    A MAN has been ordered to stand trial for killing his friend with a bow and arrow after a heated debate about God. Peter Rattya, 41, of Seddon in Victoria, is accused of murdering Amer Alihromic on January 15 during an argument in which Mr Alihromic claimed there wasn't a God.

    Mr Alihromic, 26, was "cursing God and the Bible" while Mr Rattya was "defending God and saying that he was our creator", witnesses told the Melbourne Magistrates' Court yesterday.

    The two men were among a group of people gathered at a Seddon boarding house on a Saturday evening.

    Mr Rattya lived there and the victim was a former resident, the court was told.

    Matthew Lau and his estranged wife, Codi Campbell, told the court they were among those standing in the back yard smoking cannabis and listening to music.

    The couple gave evidence the conversation turned tense when Mr Alihromic began abusing the Bible.

    "Peter wasn't happy about the other guy saying there wasn't a God," Ms Campbell said.

    Mr Lau said: "The other guy was cursing God and the Bible.

    "Peter was defending God and saying that he was our creator."

    Ms Campbell said the accused said, "You better apologise to our Lord or I'll f---ing kill you."

    Mr Lau and Ms Campbell went inside the property and Ms Campbell said she saw Mr Rattya run to his bedroom, grab a bow and arrow and run outside again.

    The court was told she watched Mr Rattya aim the bow at Mr Alihromic.

    Ms Campbell said Mr Rattya giggled and laughed after he allegedly shot the other man.

    She said Mr Rattya then convinced Mr Lau to stab him in the upper thigh, in order to claim he acted in self-defence.

    Mr Rattya reserved his plea to a charge of murder and did not seek bail.

    Magistrate Jenny Crubissa remanded him in custody to appear in the Supreme Court next year.

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1. It's a rough life out there for those who speak the truth...
12/19/05 ChouxAverage Answer
2. This is another example of those who pretend to defend God b...
12/19/05 drgadePoor or Incomplete Answer
3. If he were so passionate about his faith he wouldn't be o...
12/19/05 sapphire630Excellent or Above Average Answer
4. There's something good in everything if one looks hard en...
12/19/05 arcuraAverage Answer
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