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 Thursday 25th May 2017 07:41:13 AM




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    I am a Bible beleiver looking forward to the promises of God that whosoever believes in his son Jesus will be saved and lifted up to glory.

    I have researched anticult ministries, their founders, directors, and their publications and while many of themn are sincere, others reveal themselves as cynical opportunists who, in light of their professions to be Christians, really ought to know better.

    I believe in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all mankind.

    No man is an iland intire of itself.
    Each is a piece of a continent, a part of the main.

    Each man's death diminishes me because I am involved in humanity.

    If a rock or pebble be washed away ion the seas,
    Europe is the less for it.

    Therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls,
    It tolls for thee.

    - John Donne

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