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 Thursday 25th May 2017 07:38:55 AM




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IQGuru's Profile

Last Login: 11/21/12 20:33 GMT

No. of Unanswered Questions: 4
No. of Questions asked in the last 2 days: 0

Additional Statistics for IQGuru!

IQGuru: 17 areas of Expertise

Adult Education

    Expertise in Algebra, Business, Construction, Cosmology, Engineering, Fractions, Homework, Geometry, Grammar, K-12 Math, Logic, Math, Military, Navy, Public Speaking, Punctuation, Spelunking, Student Government, Technical Writing, and especially Trigonometry. More graduate hours than most double-PhDs; have an MBA and 4 Master of Science degrees: Applied Math, Civil Engineering, Financial Management, and Material Management (Logistics).

    What I do not know I may know where to find, so if you don't know who to ask, try me! Spent 8 of my 20 Navy years teaching adults in various technical subjects. Have taught most all USAFI (Military) or Toastmasters International (Public Speaking) courses now in existence. Continuous MENSA (High IQ Society) member since 1978; rated somewhere within 141-161.

    However, I cannot do everything for everybody here! So, please review my Algebra Profile for list of all things which I do NOT do here! Also, please note that I will answer all questions PUBLICLY, unless specifically asked to keep your answer private, with justification.

    Other data: Past President of one Student Council, one NSS Spelunking Grotto, and two large TOASTMASTERS clubs; Paul Harris Fellow in Rotary International; now in 12th year as a State VFW District Chaplain for 19 VFW Posts.

    My warmest regards, "IQ"

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