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Best of the Web

Does it really need introduction? You have to be a fool not to use Google for your web searches. The engine, which left many mysteriously wondering how the company brings in revenues. Even though there are a few recent Google-clones on the web, this machine remains to be the number one search engine in the world based on the number of searches.

Paradise for everyone who is into computers and electronics. This enormous guide to practically every gadget and tech service has all the information you need to make smooth decisions when purchasing. CNet has built its reputation on delivering excellent information and now it is the standard for technology information quality. CNet Networks contains dozens of globally recognized and widely respected Internet projects.
Tired of old junked Hotmail? has more to offer. No matter if you're a teacher, a bike rider or live in Africa, you can get a free 10 MB e-mail storage with the domain-ending you want. A strict junk-mail policy is present as well.
Free, and most importantly, time efficient, this incredible network let's you find a real answer from a real person. Thousand of live experts will give you honest answers, neutral advice or help you make a decision in a matter of hours. Registration is required by providing your e-mail address, which is not sold to send advertising straight to your inbox, but is optionally used to send a notification and a direct link to the answer the moment you receive it. provides the most comprehensive and authoritative portal for language and language-related products and services on the web with more than 1800 dictionaries translated in more than 250 languages. The Word of the Day, picked by yourDictionary staff, is visited by over 1,500,000 visitors every month! is the first and largest Internet music service, broadcasting over 22 million songs each week to listeners all over the world. With over 375,000+ songs in rotation on 150+ music channels, Spinner spans an extraordinarily diverse range of musical styles. To get the most pleasure out of Spinner, it is recommended to download their broadcasting tool, which brings you the detailed track information and more. You can easily buy any album you hear.

World News offers the best online news coverage by drawing together the top news sources from around the world, delivering comprehensive global news coverage and special event coverage in troubled hot spots, finance, sports, politics, travel, health, fashion or any other topic or thing. The way they news is collected and delivered to you is what makes World News Network a pretty amazing tool to always keep you abreast of the news. Oh, by the way, it is said to be updated every 15 minutes.

Barnes & Noble University
Barnes & Noble University is home to the best and most varied free online education on the Internet. Each month, over 50 courses are offered, each taught by an expert in the field, often a best-selling author. The courses cover everything from technology and computer skills to literature, business, and self-help. While the courses are non-accredited, the learning is real. Teachers collaborate with students, and students talk with other students using class message boards.

Hollywood Stock Exchange
The Hollywood Stock Exchange, founded in 1996, is a place, where visitors buy and sell virtual shares of celebrities, movies and music with a currency called the Hollywood Dollar. After signing up, each member is given X-Millions of dollars to invest in virtual Hollywood stocks. While the idea of the project (stock market simulation) is quite original, the integration system in which the game is delivered to their players is surely tremendously complicated. But leave it aside (itís not our headache after all), and you will find it to be an educationally-relaxing time spent. Try it out. It's free.

UFO Seek
UFO Seek is the paranormal and UFO search engine. As far as we're concerned, this is the only most comprehensive engine on the subject that will display all the documents in its database according to specific categories you're most interested in. It is very fast and very user-friendly. UFO Seek certainly will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. We guess it is being run by only one person.

Atomz Search
Chances are high that you've seen Atomz work - they are responsible for over 40 million searches Internet surfers make on different web sites (such as CBS or Palm) every month. It is a tool that lets web developers harmlessly setup their own search engines for their web sites. Atomz scans all the pages under specific domain name and then does in what it does by nature - finds stuff. For all fellow users out there - beware, you might deal with it often. For all webmasters - Atomz is free for web sites with fewer than 500 pages.
As much as talking about it hurts, Air Disaster focuses on quite a difficult task - to publish all the information it can possibly get (including audio and video materials) about tragic airline accidents and incidents. We're absolutely certain that when you enter the site, you would not recognize at least one or more of the latest accidents since television news does not cover all of them. This is why it is visited at least 5 million times a month, and is used by major media outlets for their researches. The site has a section with crashes recorded on video. We do not recommend it for people who think they might not be able to handle serious psychological pressure.


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