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    About AnswerWay

    Answerway is designed for easy use and superior service from the ground up. We are committed to providing the best behind-the-scenes support for all users and experts joining our online family. We have a knowledgeable group of experts representing every possible category so give us a try!

    Answerway is an online information and communications service, providing a free, public, large-scale, person-to-person question & answer forum. All information is provided on a volunteer basis by users of this Web site.

    By allowing people with specific expertise to answer questions posted by people looking to learn, we bring together knowledge providers and seekers in a free and uncomplicated manner.

    Our Mission

    "Answerway's Mission is the free, voluntary and uncomplicated sharing of knowledge (publicly) on all subjects using the infrastructure supplied and developed on the Internet.

    We are committed to offering the global community the best Question & Answer site - free of charge - with outstanding customer service and personal attention."

    Partnering Opportunities

    For information on sponsorship or affiliate programs please email us at

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    We are also accepting donations through Paypal at

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